My dear little girl,

Something pretty amazing happened yesterday and it’s going to be one of those ‘where were you when’ moments. Through your life you will see and hear Chris Cuthbert calling the ‘golden goal,’ just like I’ve spent my life hearing about when ‘Henderson scores.’

So here’s the story of Sid the Kid’s biggest goal ever:

Canada had just gotten through a squeaker against Slovakia and the women’s team had defeated the US a few days before. It was the last day of the Vancouver Olympics and Canada was ready for a tough game. Joe and I were both wearing our Team Canada jerseys, you were wearing your Canada shirt and we were watching the Olympic recaps on CTV waiting for some friends to arrive and the puck to drop.

When the game got underway, I was holding you, giving you a bottle. I was worried that if Canada scored and your Daddy was holding you he might throw you across the room, and score they did. When the second period started. Joe was holding you and I was knitting on the couch. I had to keep my nervous hands busy. When Canada scored to make it 2-0 he lifted you up in the air a little too quickly and you started screaming and crying. It took quite a while to calm you down, but eventually you ate again and fell asleep during the second intermission.

There’s not a lot I remember about the third period, except that the crowd was already singing O Canada when the US scored with less than 30 seconds left to throw the game into overtime and lift the stress level of the entire country.

You were back in my lap for overtime, you were awake and watching the game, and you were perfectly calm when Sid scored at 7:40 of overtime and won Canada the gold medal.

You, my dear, were only 6 weeks old, but you were one of the estimated 16.6 million Canadians watching Sidney Crosby become a legend.

The 2010 Olympics in Vancouver were quite a spectacle, dear daughter, and I hope that you grow up to love this country and respect its people as much as I do. We’ve got something really special here, and we’re starting to show the world.

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