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50 Reasons I Love My Husband

February 20th, 2010 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal
  1. He talks for the dog so I can talk to the dog
  2. He’s smart
  3. He’s funny
  4. He gets up with the baby and lets me sleep
  5. He gets up with the dog and lets me sleep
  6. He gives great hugs
  7. He gives great backrubs
  8. He does the jobs I hate doing (like emptying the dishwasher and taking out the trash)
  9. He’s going to be a great Dad
  10. He asked my grandfather for his blessing before he proposed to me (which shows how much he understands me)
  11. He is utterly fascinated by my knitting
  12. He laughs at my bad puns
  13. He laughs even more at me laughing at my own bad puns
  14. He loves Sesame Street as much as I do (and didn’t object to inserting Bert and Ernie in our vows)
  15. He understands that sometimes I just need to be left alone
  16. He understands the things that are important in my life
  17. He believes that marriage is forever
  18. He believes that cheating on a person is the worst thing you can do to someone
  19. He has a maple leaf tattooed on his ankle (that matches the ones on my left shoulder blade)
  20. He listens to my rants and agrees with my point of view most of the time
  21. He challenges me when he doesn’t agree
  22. He prods me when he knows there’s something wrong
  23. He helped me make her
  24. He tells me I’m beautiful
  25. He thinks I’m too good for him
  26. He makes it easier to take risks
  27. He’s not afraid to embarrass himself
  28. He listens when I need to talk things out
  29. He has an amazing sense of direction
  30. He knows things I don’t know
  31. He accepts that I know things he doesn’t know
  32. He’s good at things I’m not good at
  33. He accepts that I’m good at things he’s not good at
  34. He holds me up when I’m falling down (literally and figuratively)
  35. He can sit quietly in a room with me while we both read or do work or just concentrate on other things
  36. He speaks his mind
  37. He lets me speak my mind
  38. He is as open-minded as I try to be
  39. He is my second set of hands
  40. He knows when he needs to worry about me
  41. He would go to the end of the earth to get me what I need
  42. He grabs my hand when we’re walking together and when we’re in the car
  43. He comes upstairs before he leaves for work and, whether I’m awake or not, he kisses my head, tells me to have a good day and says “puppy, take care of mommy.”
  44. He put an enormous amount of thought into my engagement ring
  45. He will dote on our daughter in ways I never imagined
  46. He has a nice family
  47. He likes my family
  48. He lets me be irrational
  49. He still calls me on it
  50. It hurts him to hurt me

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