Two weeks

Parenting, Personal

Baby Girl hit her two week birthday two days ago and I’ve been wanting to journal or blog or document her first two weeks somehow, but things have been moving so quickly I haven’t had the chance. I can’t believe that two weeks ago I was still pregnant. Two weeks ago we were still waiting. […]

January 29, 2010


Parenting, Personal

I love my baby. She is only two weeks old and it feels like she’s been here forever and I can’t believe that only two weeks ago I was pregnant. I dote on her. We spend our days and nights together with me feeding her and changing her and rocking her. When she cries I […]

January 28, 2010

Us vs. Them

Parenting, Personal

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew almost right away that I wanted to try and find a midwife rather than an OB – assuming that I didn’t have any risk factors. There were a few reasons I made that decision, but also made the decision to have a hospital birth rather than […]

January 16, 2010

Baby Girl

Parenting, Personal

A birth story, for my own memory and maybe eventually hers: I made my best effort not to make any plans for Baby Girl’s arrival, but as the day went along things came into play that I hadn’t even considered considering. I suppose I should have started thinking about all these things as we went […]

January 15, 2010

Pregnancy FAIL

Parenting, Personal

Every few days I go to bed thinking that I’m starting to feel things moving along and there’s a good chance I’ll wake up in labour and every time I have been wrong. Every few days someone else in my life makes a prediction and they continue to be wrong, and at this point I […]

January 7, 2010

Lies! All Lies!

Parenting, Personal

About a month ago, we went to Joe’s company Christmas party. It was a nice party, great food and really interesting to meet all the new people he’s working with now (who seemed like my kind of people). At the party, we sat with a couple who is also expecting their first child, which is […]

January 5, 2010