Today is the day we honour our veterans, particularly those who died fighting for the freedom of those in countries far away. Remembrance Day has always been an emotional one for me, watching the veterans growing older every year, watching grown men with tears in their eyes as they remember those they knew and what they saw. Their sacrifices are important and I always wanted them to know that I could never really understand, but I will try to honour them and live my life in a way that pays tribute to what they did for us.

This year, a couple of days before Remembrance Day, I happened to be on Facebook and noticed that one of the people I am connected with there had posted a picture of the peace symbol with the note ‘This is my poppy.’ There were comments on the post from like-minded people who seemed to suggest that wearing a red poppy and taking part in Remembrance Day ceremonies glorifies war somehow.

It made me angry.

Remembrance Day has nothing to do with glorifying war. If anything, it reminds us that war kills in the thousands, generations can be lost, and memories of war are never forgotten. These men that we honour on this day are the very people who can tell us all of the reasons not to glorify war and THEY are what this day is about.

We all hope for peace, just like they did, but they put their lives at risk trying to achieve it.

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