I hate Michael Ignatieff with a passion that is rare for me.

Generally I understand that people have different viewpoints and politicians have a lot of tapdancing to do, but Iggy just drives me completely up the wall.

It’s the arrogance.

I get the feeling that he only chose the Liberal Party over the Conservatives because he knew that Liberals are a better bet to be in government. He decided a few years ago that he was going to come back to Canada and become the leader of the Liberal Party and then become our Prime Minister. He was waiting patiently, but now he’s done being patient and he wants it all right now. He assumes that he would win an election no matter when it was held, despite evidence to the contrary. He tells Canadians that  a Liberal majority government is best, all the while pushing us closer to a Conservative majority. It doesn’t matter that most Canadians barely know anything about him, or that he knows so little about a lot of national issues that he’s managed to put his foot in his mouth and we all get to watch him contradict himself when someone lets him know he made a mistake. (I point to the stand he took on asbestos, which he then reversed when one of his staffers told him that asbestos is still a major industry in Quebec).

It drives me crazy that he says “Let me be very clear” before double-talking his way into complete meaninglessness, and then when reporters ask the question again, he says “I have been very clear.”

Maybe what makes me most angry is that a majority of Canadians aren’t paying close enough attention to call him on it. Of course, the fact that a majority of Canadians aren’t paying attention is one of my biggest pet peeves. It seems as though a majority of Canadians also don’t understand the difference between a government and a parliament and how one is created out of the other.

I can’t blame people outside of Ottawa for not caring, not really,  it’s hard to keep up with all the game-playing and bullshit, but the people who complain about the state of our politics without knowing how it all works or what’s really going on, the people who go to protests about things they clearly don’t understand (because if they understood, they wouldn’t be protesting…cough…coalition…cough), those people make me almost glad that our voter turnout is so low.

I wish there were someone out there, a level-headed person without an agenda who got media time to just call out the pundits and the politicians on their spin. I wish there were one person that I could watch without having to stop and speak to the television about the things they’re skimming over or leaving out entirely. I wish I had some role to play but I couldn’t avoid being called partisan or socialist or worse. (Please note, a socialist is not a communist is not a fascist. Socialist is also not a dirty word, neither is coalition).

I have my beliefs, and those beliefs happen to include the idea that politics should be accessible and that politicians and the media should make every effort to tell the truth, or at least as many sides to the truth as there are. It is not up to the media to decide whose voice matters, nor is it up to the Prime Minister.


ETA: Maybe we just need more people like this. He can rant better than me any day.

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