This morning my husband and I awoke to find that we’ve both had our accounts on Twitter suspended. I have no idea why this has happened to me, and certainly no idea why it would happen to both of us at exactly the same time (we have figured out that the accounts were suspended as of about 2 o’clock this morning).

When I logged in this morning I got a bright red message on my home page telling me about the suspension with a link to see ‘Suspended Accounts’ for more information. What concerns me most is that on my home page I can see that my followers and following have been reduced to zero. I spent a very long time finding all the people I follow and I don’t want to lose any of them.

I filled in the request form explaining what was happening (a badly layed-out form which also asked me how I was feeling – I put ‘angry’). Immediately upon submitting the form I got an email from Twitter support explaining that my account had been suspended and outlining the several reasons they suspend accounts. For the record, I haven’t been spamming anyone, as far as I know I have never been blocked by anyone, let alone a large number of people, I don’t link to spammers or phishing sites, and so on, and so on.

The support email provided no real information and no real support. In fact, this completely unhelpful email was also Twitter declaring the issue closed and said I could reply to the email if I thought it was still a mistake. I do think it’s still a mistake and I replied with a polite but annoyed message saying as much – and immediately got another email from them in reply, saying that the email couldn’t be delivered because I was responding to a request that was now closed.

So I submitted another request, and another email and now things actually seem to be underway. I am looking forward to hearing an explanation for all this, though I doubt we ever will.

Joe and I both originally assumed this was a glitch, much like the complete breakdown of Twitter a few weeks ago, but when we did a little looking around it seemed as though we were the only ones of the people we know experiencing this particular glitch. And that’s what really bothers me. It’s just me and it’s just him and it feels as though we, personally, are under attack. When I think about it, it’s completely ridiculous. We don’t have enemies that I know of, and certainly not mutual enemies. And if we did have enemies I’m not sure why the focus would be getting us off Twitter.

Above and beyond the problems I’m having with Twitter support, I am getting more and more frustrated because twitter has become a very important resource for me. The people I follow are not just friends, people I find funny and interesting, and fellow knitters, they are reporters and politicians and people that keep me informed. Twitter has become an extremely important part of my job. There are a lot of things I find out about on Twitter before I find them anywhere else, and because my Twitter feed is made up of such short messages that it’s much easier to get through than my blog reader. My jobs carries many distractions with it, and anything I can read and understand quickly is a huge help.

Having a resource like this taken away with no explanation for no discernible reason and no real help with the problem (I’m still getting the message they’re working on it, and I’ve also heard these appeals can take days, and I have no guarantee of what state my account will be in if and when I get it re-instated), is increasing my frustration as the day wears on.

As I said to a coworker this morning – if it weren’t Beatles day, I would be hysterical by now.

Happy 090909.

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