A lot of the blogs I read talk about women’s issues and a lot of them have spent some time lately focusing on the some of the new TV shows coming out that have a focus on fat. Specifically fat ladies. I have read a lot about Drop Dead Diva and More to Love, though I’ve never seen either.

Most recently I was reading a couple of posts over at glamour.com, one about ‘fatism‘ and one about the picture of a ‘normal’ woman that they printed in the most recent issue. (I have some thoughts about that, but they’ve been expressed by other, more well-read people, so I’ll leave that alone.

On the shows about fat women, I have a few thoughts.

More to Love reminded me almost immediately of something that I noticed a few years ago. At some point when I was younger, I think before my teens, I started noticing something on TV and I couldn’t understand it. I would watch a variety of shows – Full House, The Cosby Show, Designing Women, Family Matters – and it occurred to me that all the white people were with the white people and the black people were with the black people and the two shall never meet. Every so often someone of a different race would show up on one of these shows (like Steve Urkel’s guest appearance on Full House or Adam Sandler’s short lived role as one of Theo’s friends on the Cosby Show), but they were never there for long.

As I got older I started paying more attention and slowly the races were allowed to mix as friends, but I noted that they were never allowed to date, and I couldn’t figure out why.

I’m noticing the same trend with fat people on television. On More to Love you have a bunch of plus-sized women fighting to get a plus-sized guy. The message they say they’re sending us is that fat women deserve love too. The message I’m getting is that TV execs finally realized that they had this whole market of people they weren’t yet humiliating, and that on TV, like still goes with like.

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