Be all you can be

Actually, this one will apply to my son too.

I want you to try everything you want to try. I want you to grow up not regretting not having tried things (within reason). I want you to grow up without thinking once that you can’t.

One of the regrets I have from my childhood is not having taken dance classes because I felt too fat, not taking singing lessons because I was too shy, not taking part in any sports because I felt incapable of doing anything but making a fool of myself.

I don’t want you to hit your teens and fall in love with broadway and realize that you never have even the slightest chance of doing anything like that because you’re just too late to the game. I don’t want you to sit at your university stadium watching a soccer game and wish that you had even just a part of the athleticism that those players out on the pitch have.

If you want to draw or write or act or play sports, or sing or play an instrument, I want you to tell us. If there’s anything you want to try, tell us. If there’s anything you don’t want to try, tell us.

I want you to take an active interest in life, but I don’t want you to resent the activities we encourage you to take part in, and I don’t want you to be one of those over-scheduled, worn out kids who quits everything when they’re 18 just because they can’t take it any more.

I don’t want you to feel any pressure to succeed at any one thing in particular, I just want you to figure out what you love. I want you to have passion for things. I want you to have something you can escape to – one of those activities that just focuses you. I want you to have that thing that puts a smile on your face.

When I used to watch Joe play in the band, I would stare at him on stage and fall completely in love all over again because he was just so obviously happy doing what he was doing, he was living right there in that moment. I’d like to think that when I’m writing or I get really focussed on my knitting you can see the same thing in me.

I dream of the moment that I see the same dedication and passion in you.

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