Embrace your inner geek

I’ve heard about studies that have been done that prove that when girls hit 12 or 13 they tend to stop speaking up in class and stop raising their hands to answer questions. I don’t remember what this study concluded the reasoning behind it to be, but I imagine it had something to do with boys.

I admit to being one of those girls that became suddenly clueless in high school, though I don’t think it was a conscious decision I do know that I stopped feeling good about being smart (and in some classes I just plain stopped being smart). I was hard for me, being in this new world with new people and new responsibilities.

The fact is, I could have gotten a whole lot more out of high school. I should have.

When I went to college I was the smart girl. I stopped being afraid of what people thought of me because I was there for myself and I was only going to get out of it what I put it and I was planning on getting a whole lot out of it. I raised my hand in every class, I asked the stupid questions, I worked hard to get my homework done and I went to (almost) every class. I let go of my self-consciousness and let myself be who I needed to be, and it was one of the greatest times of my life.

Judging by your daddy and me, you, little girl, are bound to be smart and curious (and silly) and I want you to embrace every little bit of it. Truth be told, people are going to think of you however they want, no matter how you act in school or outside of school, but I want you to put absolutely everything you have into being you, and growing into the best you you can be.

If you have questions, ask them; if you know the answers, shout them out; if you like something, say so; if you disagree with someone, tell them.

I still remember times when I agreed with things I knew were wrong because I wanted to go along with the crowd, and I still feel stupid for doing it. I’m not friends with any of those people any more, in fact, I wasn’t friends with them anymore ten years ago.

Surround yourself with the people who love and respect you for who you are, the people who get your stupid jokes and love your sense of style. They are out there and they will last your lifetime.

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