If truth be told, I’m hoping this baby is a boy.

Sometimes I think about how wonderful it would be to have a little girl, but then I think about other things.

I grew up a girl and it sucked. Girls are mean to other girls and eventually every girl is on the wrong side of the bully. Girls have to be so careful about everything – how they dress, their weight, what they like, what they read, what they watch, how they speak – I just don’t believe it can possibly be as complicated to be a boy.

Boys don’t have to grow breasts first in their class, or last in their class. Boys don’t have to get their first period. Boys don’t have to figure out make-up. Boys don’t have to figure out when and how to start shaving their legs, their armpits, their various other areas.

I’m sure that young boys spend just as much time as young girls panicking about whether they’re developing too early or too late or whether what they have somehow lacking compared to the other kids in their class (and I know that girls get shower stalls in high school, which is one advantage over boys), but there’s a difference for me.

I was an adolescent girl and I struggled the whole way through – I don’t know if I would be capable of helping someone else get through it, especially in a world I don’t really understand anymore.

If we had a girl and she was like me, I wouldn’t know how to help her, but if we have a boy then he’ll be like Joe and I won’t have to worry. Joe was everything I wasn’t growing up.

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