Baby stuff


Since there isn’t a lot of baby stuff to focus on right now, I’m thinking about all the stuff we need – stuff to set up the nursery, to take care of the baby, to keep things clean and safe – the merchandise. As it turns out, all of our friends are having babies just […]

June 27, 2009

Didn't see that one coming

Parenting, Personal

I never expected my life to go quite like this. I never expected to be married, and having a baby. I never wanted to be a wife and a mother – and certainly not before I turned 30. I always expected to be a career woman, to be living my life by myself, for myself, […]

June 18, 2009

December 29, 2009


I am writing this post about two and a half or three weeks before I will actually post it, because I’m not allowed to say any of this out loud until then, because then (now) I will be 12 weeks pregnant and safely out of my first trimester. But I am writing this now because I’m […]

June 17, 2009