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10 years ago today

April 20th, 2009 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Issues | Personal

Ten years ago I got home from school, turned on the TV and was incredibly confused by what I saw.

Police surrounding a school, kids running away from the building, climbing out the windows.

I watched in horror as the whole situation at Columbine. I was 18, in high school, the same age as the kids who were doing the shooting and the kids who were being killed.

When I arrived back at school the next day, my principal, Mr. Dagenais (who was tragically murdered with his wife a few short years later), announced a moment of silence for all the victims at Columbine and I heard two 18-year-old boys at the back of the room – one said “oh yeah, did you hear about that?” and started laughing as he tried to explain that 2 stupid kids walked into their school and murdered 12 people.


And I nearly starting crying for the ignorance.

I hope they feel sorry today. I hope they remember the way they acted and feel shame.

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