As I mentioned before, I don’t do arts reporting. I read reviews, but I am incapable of writing them. Thus, this is not a review of the movie One Week, it is a telling of what One Week meant to me.

I decided that I wanted to see this movie this morning after reading a couple of reviews and watching Joshua Jackson on Canada AM. This film was sold to me as a tribute to Canada, and a chance to see the sights that I saw while driving across the country one more time.

For those of you who aren’t aware, I am a Canadian patriot. I love this country. For years I knew that I would be getting a tattoo of a maple leaf on my shoulder – I finally did it when I was 19. I grew up loving this country and I want it to be with me wherever I am. That is not to say there aren’t things here that I am unhappy about or ashamed of, but overall I think this country is great, and I think it’s people are great, and capable of great things.

This movie is about a man who finds out he’s dying and takes off, riding a motorcycle West from Toronto all the way to Tofino, BC (which I had head of only because my husband is obsessed with the Planet Smashers). Along the way he stops to see a bunch of wacky roadside attractions (as I did when I made my way to Alberta – my favourite was the Gladstone, MB Happy Rock – puns!).

This movie demonstrated two things to me: 1) Joe and I are pretty much meant for each other. The one thing we both noticed was that the edited the movie and put different provinces where other provinces were supposed to be.

2) I really, really love this country. I started crying at one point in the theatre, not because of the plot, but because there is so much of it I haven’t been able to see. When I was a kid we drove from Ottawa to PEI and when I was 22 I drove myself from Ottawa to Eastern Alberta, but I’ve never been to Newfoundland, I’ve been to BC, but I was too young to remember, I haven’t seen any of Alberta West or South of Alberta, I’ve never been North, I’ve never been to Quebec City. I’ve never seen the Northern Lights or the Rockies, I’ve only been in one ocean. I’ve only seen a moose up close once, in the dark, right before I swerved to avoid hitting it.

Joe pointed out that I’ve seen more of this country than a lot of people, but that just made me sadder. I want everybody to see what I’ve seen and more. I want everyone to understand the absolute beauty and cold and the sunshine and the sky and the trees – so many trees.

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