Podcasts have been a great addition to my life over the past few years. They educate me, they make me laugh and they make the bus ride much more enjoyable. I started with NPR’s ‘On the Media’ which was enjoyable and led me to NPR’s ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me‘ which I love. I devoured everything episode available, listening to one episode on my way to work and another one on my way home. Eventually I needed something else to listen to and I finally broke down and started listening to ‘This American Life‘ like so many people kept telling me to – and fell in love.

This American Life is a fantastic show that makes me laugh out loud on the bus, makes me cry, fascinates me and teaches me things about the world around me. A couple of months ago I saw it mentioned that people who enjoyed ‘This American Life’ also enjoyed ‘The Moth.’ I ignored that. Until I saw it again in a different place, and then again somewhere else – So, I finally subscribed and downloaded a few episodes. And then this week, I finally listened.

I love ‘The Moth.

The Moth makes me think about my life. All it is, is people standing up on stage telling stories, true stories, about things that have happened in their lives. Humourous things, sad things, great things with great people. So far I have heard about a British guy in his band days, a man who lost his wife to cancer, and the one of the men that the movie Mississippi Burning was based on.

The thing I love the most about ‘The Moth’ is that it makes me think about the stories in my life, and that everyone has a story, that every story has a meaning, and that maybe when I eventually write all my stories down, someone will care.

There are days when I will just suddenly remember something that I’ve done that I had forgotten about – like the plays that we used to write and perform in the basement when we were kids, or the coworker who used to fall asleep at his desk and snore while we were laying out the paper. I want my life to be filled with those stories.

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