Yesterday I was finally tagged in the Facebook meme that has been going around. The meme requires you to post a list of 25 things that your friends may or may not know about you. The post took my all day as I tried to think of things that were not obvious to everyone.

It occurred to me while I was doing this exercise that I am very lucky to have the time to dwell on these sorts of things. Self-analysis is not something many people have time for, even less right now, but my job is secure and so is my husband’s, we make good money, we have a home and groceries and no one to think of but ourselves and our dog.

I am blessed to have these people in my life, and I am blessed that I am able to spend so much time worrying about the little things instead of the big things, which tend to be too far in the future to really sweat over.

Anyway, if you’re interested, here are my 25 things:

1) I believe in fate. I know that unless I had made all the decisions I have made I woulnd’t be where I am now, and I like where I am now no matter how hard some of those decisions were.

2) I also believe in ghosts and angels, but I’m not sure if I believe in God.

3) I believe that I am very forgettable. That’s why I don’t approach people that I’ve met before very often, even when I see someone I went to high school with.

4) This may be why I am so bad at staying in touch with people after I’ve left a place.

5) I love my grandfather more than anyone else on earth.

6) I never thought anyone like Joe would come along and it still confuses me that he chose me.

7) I am incredibly passive aggressive. I often say rude things to people on the street under my breath. It makes me feel better.

8) I love Ottawa. I have tried to leave five times and I always come back. I think it’s a beautiful city, despite the occasionally freezing temperatures.

9) I hate making mistakes and I really hate having mistakes that I know I’ve made pointed out to me.

10) I worry every day that I’ve lost the ability to write fiction. It makes me think I’ve lost everything that I was when I was little.

11) I am very clumsy and uncoordinated, but I have only fractured one bone in my life and never broken any.

12) I love to bake and cook, but only when I have time.

13) I love bad movies, especially bad chick flicks, I also love movies that make me cry. I have watched Steel Magnolias several hundred times.

14) I love puns. I love stupid jokes. I make a bad joke and giggle away at myself.

15) I think one of the reasons that I dote on Henry so much is because I feel guilty about the life Daphne had, and I want him to live for a long, long time.

16) I have lived a lot of life in very few years (I didn’t really start until I was 19) and it bothers me that a lot of people don’t know that much about me.

17) I have four tattoos, each one of them represents something about me. I don’t regret any of them and I want more. I also take a certain amount of pleasure in the surprise people show when they find out about my tattoos.

18) It is almost impossible for me to go to sleep when Joe isn’t there. I stay up very late until I am too tired to fight it anymore and I usually leave the TV or some music on.

19) I consider myself a feminist even if I did change my last name when I got married.

20) I love being alone: Eating out alone, going to movies alone, shopping alone – I always have. If I don’t get a certain amount of alone time I become a very nasty person.

21) Despite my lifelong commitment to being comfortable by myself, since we’ve been together I like to be alone while Joe is in the house.

22) I was comfortable with my body until I hit my 20s and it bothers me that I don’t have that same comfort level now, but I’m working on it.

23) My family is very good at being apart for a long time and coming back together as though we all just saw each other yesterday.

24) Babies terrify me. I don’t like holding them, I don’t know how to talk to them or how to play with them, but I still want my own.

25) I love being barefoot, or at least without shoes.

ETA: I thought of a #26 – I love to drive. Driving across the country by myself with my music blaring and no real plan or where I was going to end up on any given day (except that I had a final destination and a timeline) was one of the best times of my life – and a #27 – I have an Ottawa Valley accent, it’s not a strong one but I catch myself sometimes and I love it.

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