Another thing I am thankful for: It is now February, which means my birthday is this month, but that’s beside the point, what it really means is that I accomplished two goals that I set for myself at the beginning of January.

Last month I decided that I wanted to check off something else from my life list, that being “Write every day.” I decided that every day in January I would either blog or writer in my journal, or both and I accomplished that – though there was one day that I allowed myself to count something I had written for work, but I don’t think that’s really cheating and I get to define the terms of my life list, so there.

Another thing I wanted to accomplish in January was to not buy any magazines all month. Magazines are a big time waster for me, I’d really rather be reading books. They also cost a lot and considering that there are only two or three magazines that I actually read all the way through they really are a waste. It is now February 1 and I have not purchased any magazines this month – not even knitting magazines, which I was going to allow myself under the terms I had set – and I’ve discovered that I really didn’t miss them, which to me means that these publications weren’t adding very much to my life. I am also in the middle of reading two books that I am thoroughly enjoying and that I never thought I would get through because I usually only read books on the bus – and we haven’t had bus service here for 51 days.

So, I will probably continue to not buy magazines (except for knitting magazines, and Bitch and Bust – those being the ones with a majority of content that I actually read). Maybe I’ll even come up with something to do with the $30 odd that I’m saving like, say, an RRSP contribution. I will also continue to write more than not, and maybe there will be days that I will force myself for the good of the writing, because eventually I’d like to go back to fiction and there’s no better practice.

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