If there is one thing that I am, absolutely and irrefutably, it is a proud Canadian. I am unfailingly proud of what this country is and what it can be and it hurts me greatly when I am disappointed in the choices we make.

As proof of this, my first tattoo was a red maple leafs, which was soon joined by the red, black and white Canadian hockey logo. I got the first when I was already 20, but I had been planning to get it for four years at that point. I tell people that each of my tattoos mean something to me and says something about how I ended up where I am, and it’s the truth, but the one that says what I have been, am now, and will always be, is that red maple leaf.

That being said, looking at the way things are here and the way things are there, I have the urge now to drop everything and move to the States. I am inspired by the new President. More than almost anyone before him he makes me want to take on the world and prove what my generation can do to save us all.

He restored my faith that there are people in politics who say what they mean, act on what they say, and have the ability to win power while maintaining their beliefs.

I believe that President Obama is the man that he presents to the world.

Here in Ottawa we see mostly the opposite. My wrath flows towards a mayor who still thinks that we are simply being inconvenienced by a strike that has made everyone’s life more difficult (though he is not alone in blame, the union leader is also an asshat); a Prime Minister who doesn’t seem to see anything wrong in declaring that he will never ever do something and then turning around and doing it anyway. (My rant: The PM declared, when he was elected, that he would never name Senators unless they were elected in some fashion, in fact he was going to not name any Senators until the Senate was an elected body, the plan being that gradually the upper house would empty out and Senators would not be able to do any work. Then, of course, he found himself at risk of losing power and declared that the Senate wasn’t functioning (through his own design) and named 18 unelected Senators so his party would still have some power).

I am tired of the political game, of the way it works because that’s the way it works, because it is. I want inspiration and real debate instead of name calling. I want truth and trust and cooperation. I want what they have.

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