I am as taken with the new President as everyone else – I look forward to seeing what he will do now that he’s in office and I expect my kids to ask me where I was when Obama was elected (I went to see Spamalot that night, but was home by the time it was official, for the record).

I cried that night, and I cried again today because as pessimistic and cynical as I am, he makes me believe that he can do what he’s setting out to do.

But more than the President, I am growing ever-fonder of the new First Lady. It started with the now infamous terrorist fist jab fist bump that she gave him after he won the nomination. I am incredibly impressed with her style, her composure, her honesty (that whole proud American thing that she took a beating for), but of all her beauty and strength, intelligence and accomplishments,  I am most impressed with her marriage. Watching the inauguration ceremony today I was drawn completely to her face and the pride she exuded while she held the Bible for hom to take the oath of office.

I have no doubt that these two are equal partners who share everything with each other and believe in nothing more than the strength of their family and their love for each other and their beautiful daughters.

When he walked on stage tonight at the inaugural ball his first words to the crowd were “Hello American. Now first of all, how good looking is my wife?”

And all I can think is that I want to be like Michelle Obama and I want my marriage to be like hers in sixteen years.

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