When I entered my first year of journalism at Loyalist College they took us on a day long session at a local park. During that session each of the first years had to state where they wanted to be after they graduated from the program. When my turn came I declared that I wanted to be working for The Hockey News.

At some point during my two years at the school one of my professors declared that I was too good for The Hockey News.

If I knew then what I know now I would have altered my course back then. I would have learned quickly that reporting on sports would take a lot of the joy out of watching them for me. That working my way up the ranks would force me to cover sports that I didn’t enjoy or didn’t understand that well.

If I knew all that then I would have set my sights on being a political reporter – a political reporter the likes of David Akin – running around Ottawa and asking the tough questions, delving deeper into the stories, researching the fact and really informing people.

But then, I guess, that job would annoy me as much as anything else, because there are always the people who don’t care to be informed.

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