These are the things I told myself I would do when I went on vacation two and a half weeks ago:

1) I will finish my scarf and at least one of socks I’ve got on my needles – Done – and I finished a lot more of the second sock that I thought I would. The heel has already been turned and everything.

2) I will read (I finished Twiling last night – meh – and I have a pile of books to get started on, including the Yarn Harlot’s new one) – I didn’t read as much as I wanted to, mostly just on the plane.

3) I will give my puppy all the exercise his little heart desires (depending on the weather) – We got to the park a couple of times, but I was away for a few days. I’m going to mark this one as something that needs to be improved.

4) I will clean the house and purge (I hate having so many things just lying around) – Some purging got done (my books and clothes and the office) but there is more that can be done.

5) I will lost my voice screaming in support of our boys at the Canada-US game in the greatest tournament ever (World Junior Hockey Championships!) – I didn’t lose my voice but I certainly had a sore throat after that game, and the gold medal game that I also bought tickets to.  

6) I will make an effort to keep up with the news – I did alright, certainly not to the level of when I’m at work (since knowing what’s going on is, in fact, my job)

7) I will get exercise and work on watching what I eat. I’ve been doing better, but not well. – I got on the bike most days that I was in Ottawa and worked with my new Nintendo DS ‘Weight Loss Coach’ who got me motivated.

8) I will try to be inspired every day, write something every day and generally keep the creative part of me happy every day. I might even start sketching again. – I have not started sketching again, and I didn’t even take a notebook to write in when I went out West (which is pretty much unheard of for me) but I have resolved to write every day in January – to just open up my notebook or my blog and write something. So far, so good.

9) I will make an honest attempt at mapping out my future. – Joe and I talked, but an honest attempt? No, probably not.

All in all, not a bad effort.

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