It bothers me that the Conservative Party is lying about this whole thing being unconstitutional, undemocratic and unprecedented. It bothers me that Canadians are being told that we didn’t elect Stephane Dion because unless you live in Calgary Southwest or Saint Laurent-Cartierville, you didn’t elect either Dion or Stephen Harper because we don’t elect the government, we elect a Parliament. Unless your a member of the party that happens to win the most seats, you don’t ever have a chance of electing the Prime Minister, because parties choose their own leader.

It bothers me that thousands of Canadians are protesting something they don’t even really understand.

But the thing that bothers me most is that the liars and the people who are only acting as though they know how Canada’s system works are the ones explaining it to the people who admitted they didn’t know. Those are the ones who are winning the war because people believe them. This whole country needs to sit down and take a lesson in Canadian politics (which I did in Grade 10, but apparently I was the only one with that curriculum).

Whether you support Stephen Harper or the coalition, whether you agree with the coalition at all, one thing you cannot argue about is how the system works. You can be angry about the power the Governor General holds as long as you understand that that’s how our system works. You can call this a blatant power grab as long as you admit that the power grab as long as you admit that it is neither unconstitutional nor unprecedented.

And don’t even get my started on the idea that this is somehow undemocratic. We don’t elect a government, we elect a Parliament and the Parliament bestows confidence.

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