I was intrigued by this, the Yarn Harlot’s ode to the Noro Stripe Scarf, and yesterday I happened to stop by the yarn shop after a doctor’s appointment (I was in the area and thinking about Christmas gifts), and I they had Noro Silk Garden and it was pretty and I bought two skeins and starting knitting the scarf last night.

All it is is 1×1 ribbing, 2×2 stripes. It’s very simple, and very pretty. Last night I thought mine didn’t look like the pictures I had seen online and was a bit disappointed. This morning I looked at it again and thought it was lovely (even though I’ve only got about 3 inches of scarf right now).

Now, I’m sitting here wishing I was at home so I could work on it, thinking about asking my husband to bring it to trivia tonight so I can work on it there. Sad that it will be too late to work on it when I get home.

And I have no idea at what point I became obsessed with this scarf. It’s like the Noro has some power over me.

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