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November 12th, 2008 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

Last night the hubby and I took a trip to Chapters and in my perusal I saw a book in the reference section that was written to teach it’s reader how to journal. My response to this book was that if you need a book to teach you how to keep a journal you’re doing it wrong. There should be no work and no studying involved.

Today at work I came across a CP story about a new course at Simon Fraser University that teaches students how to blog.

Again, if you need training on how to blog you’re doing it wrong.

I’ll bet I have less technical skill than a lot of the students at Simon Fraser (being several years their senior – I didn’t start using a computer until Grade 1, they’ve probably had a computer in some form or another since birth) and I’ve started several blogs. I’ve managed to add photos and links and embed documents and do most of the stuff you’d want to do on a blog.

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