First there was the old guy who said he didn’t like people who take “soft sciences,” then there was the American who decided, while touring around Montreal, the he wanted to learn all about Canadian politics, but that’s not what this is about…

For the month I am living in Montreal, working on a campaign – a brand new experience for me. While in Montreal I am living in Outremont, in an area that is populated by more Orthodox Jews than I’ve ever seen before. Every morning I walk before the Jewish community centre and watch the little boys playing outside.

I’ve always been intrigued by people who dedicated themselves to their religion. As someone who never really went to church and never really delved into any kind of religious practice I am fascinated. I watch the men in their dark suits, the hats, the beards and the hair, I watch the women in their proper skirts and buttoned shirts and plain hair, I watch the little boys at play in the morning, all wearing striped shirts, dark pants and yarmulkes, I watch them fascinated because they are surrounded by modernity. These people are living in what is probably the most un-censored city in Canada. I watch them and all I want to do is talk to them, ask them what they believe, who they are, what it all means. I want to apologize to them for disrupting their lives with my presence. I want to ask them how they stay so strong.

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