Because I have reached a point in my life when I’m just not going to take it anymore:
Last night I lined up with a bunch of friends to see The Dark Knight on Imax at Silvercity. We got there three hours early and were told that the line for the 10:20 show was outside – though it took talking to three different employees to find out where exactly outside. We were naive enough to assume that the line was going to start outside and they would eventually move us inside.

As it turns out, they had probably over 400 people, waiting for two different showings, lined up for hours in the on and off pouring rain.

I understand that these people all made the decision to stay in that line (though plenty of people left) but my main problem here is with management. Lots of those very wet people were complaining, asking to be moved inside (which was basically empty once all the other movies had started) and were simply told that wouldn’t be happening. My friends and I happened to be first in line for the Imax showing, and when we walked into the theatre and saw a group of people already sitting there I went to complain. I was told that they had been sent to the wrong line and were compensated for that by being allowed into the theatre first, taking the best seats – the seats my friends and I had shown up at 7 o’clock to take. When I told the manager that one of my friends had heard one of her employees tell that very same group of guys that he could get them into the theatre early – an employee that I could name – she shrugged me off.

None of us were expecting anything from the theatre. We knew that we had all made the choice to stay in line because we wanted to see the movie and there was nowhere else to see it, my problem here is management style.

Everyone who complained and asked to be brought inside or given some inkling that they might plan better next time was turned away as though they knew that we had already paid and we weren’t going anywhere so they didn’t need to try to please us. As a resultĀ  of the way I was treated and the way I saw them treating other people in that line, I am going to make a point of never going to that theatre again and telling everyone I can about my experience so that they might think twice about it too.


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