A few things that caught my attention today:

One of the pro-Tibet protesters on Parliament Hill this morning was being interviewed on CBC and was asked if they were calling for a boycott of the Olympics and he said that it’s not their place to call for a boycott – They’ll leave it up to the athletes and sponsors – It will be on their conscience if they want to “bloody their hands.”

Yeah, it’s not their place to judge.

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day held a press conference about the RCMP but most of the questions from reporters were about this report of blueprints for an anti-terrorism unit building on CFB Trenton being found in the trash in an upscale Ottawa neighbourhood. Questions directed at the minister included “How did THAT happen?” and “How embarrassing is this?”

Minister Day is one of my favourite people to watch squirm.

Further to this story – The CBC anchor this morning referred to the story that “just came to light last hour” during the press conference – Apparently she doesn’t read her morning papers.

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