I am a huge fan of Frank Warren’s PostSecret project. Every Sunday I go to the website and I read other people thoughts and sometimes I cry and sometimes I laugh and always, always I think about the world we live in and how connected we are to other people while being completely disconnected at the same time. Every postcard and every secret Frank receives is completely anonymous, which is why people tell him everything – affairs, abuse, robbery – anything.

Because I love PostSecret I joined a LiveJournal post secret community – Just fellow LJers who love Frank for this wonderful project and have secrets of their own to share. Today I left that community after another of too many bitchy pissing matches. I should have left after the girl who told someone who didn’t like a comment she made to go cut herself (I believe she also suggested the commenter put a cigarette to her arm) – In a community full of people who are admitted self-injurers. When I called her on it (stupid me, getting involved at all) and suggested maybe she should leave the community she told me that she has the right to free speech.

I believe I suggested that her previous comments might not have been the best way to use said free speech (which I reminded her that I possess as well).

I should have realized then that maybe I didn’t belong as a member – Maybe, dare I say it? I was too old for that community and I should just go on my merry way.

Today another more petty but less abusive argument became the last straw. If not for some memories that I would like to keep (our engagement, our new puppy coming home), I would trash my LJ completely so none of those people could find me again. Lord knows I’ve been the victim of nasty anonymous comments in the past – The people who thought they could hurt me by calling me a fat bitch – The comments I deleted because if I really cared what they thought I would know who they were.

I’m done with LiveJournal, I will be in my own space now.

Though never on MySpace.

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