As I sit at work all day and watch MPs accuse each other of being partisan – ‘Duh,’ I believe would be the word – I notice all the nuance that goes on in dealings on the Hill.

The Conservatives terrify me, but mostly because they’re so freaking smart. These people know how to avoid answering questions, lay blame on everyone else and generally make all the other parties look pretty bad. It’s amazing to watch.

This morning I watched the House Leader answer questions from journalist who was completely unable to hide the fact that he was left-wing. Now, most people who work in the media are, most are aware that they are and try to balance it out. This guy did not have the balancing skills. He asked two questions that were essentially attacks. Two questions that made me wonder if he was, in fact, a Liberal Party plant.

Not that I’m accusing anyone of anything.

But seriously – When I was training as a journalist I was taught the high importance of never showing your cards. This training sank in to the point that on my first day at my new job with one of Canada’s political parties I had to pause before I even pushed the floor button in the elevator because I knew I could never turn back. This partisan thing will sit on my resume forever (unless I specifically remove it because of the job I’m applying for, and then I’ll sit through the intreview wondering if it would come up and whether I’m technically lying- yes I am paranoid, but only a little).

As we move swiftly towards an election, I look forward to the increasing frequency of my desire to throw the remote at the MPs on TV.

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