I am so bloody sick of bilingualism. It is one of the reasons that we have (sort of) decided to move away from our Nation’s capital. Unilingual people, or people who know that theirĀ  grammar is not good enough for them to attempt to write anything important in French are at a serious disadvantage.

The federal government gave up on language training a while ago, and I guess they’re now assuming that the provinces are boosting their educational systems enough so that everyone who wants to work anywhere in the city of Ottawa will be perfectly bilingual.

I firmly believe that the expectation of hiring someone who is perfectly bilingual – someone who can read and speak and write clearly and professionally in both languages – is ridiculous. There are very, very few people who can work seamlessly in French and English, but almost every position in the federal government requires it.

What set me off today, though, is the guy who decided to file a lawsuit against OC Transpo because the bus drivers announce stops only in English (how exactly do you translate “Bank at Albert?” – oh, right “Bank et Albert”).

This pisses me off mostly because I know that if the bus drivers were announcing stops only in French, this lawsuit probably never would have happened. It also bothers me because if this guy is successful in his attempt, it will mean either the city paying for language training for a majority of the bus drivers currently on staff, or they will have to get rid of the majority of drivers currently on staff, phasing out the unilingual (mostly immigrant) drivers – which will probably result in a lawsuit against OC Transpo by unilingual drivers.

I am so tired of French right now.

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