Last Monday I was in Regina. At 10 that morning I had a job interview. By 11 they had offered me the job – provided I could get back to Ottawa by Wednesday.

I spent Tuesday flying. I started work Wednesday at 9 am.

I’m exhausted.

I think I like my new (short term) job, except that the stress might eventually kill me. I’ve always had a habit of getting extremely involved with wherever I’m working (with a couple of glaring exception – journalism, I’m looking at you), but this job demands it. I have to be on the ball at all times. For God’s sake, the job involves a Blackberry!

The plus side – I have an office, I work with great, enthusiastic people, I believe in what we do, I get to leave work (physically) at 3. The down side – I have to be at work at 7 and said office is freezing.

My contract lasts until the end of February, Joe’s is up at the end of March, and then we take yet another long, hard look at our future. I may get an extension, he’s got one if he wants it and Regina people are driving me a bit insane.  A little over a week ago I had an interview out there and it was, I swear, the most frustrating interview of all time. They asked vague questions and then re-phrased them even more vaguely, so I felt like an idiot. Today I got a phone call and e-mail asking me for an interview for another job. When I e-mailed the woman back and told her I would be in Ottawa on their interview day but would be happily available for a phone interview that day, and she politely informed me that she doesn’t like phone interviews, and maybe they’ll get to talk to me again in the future.

Well, screw you too then.

Overall, I’m glad to be home, exhausted and almost positive I’m going to get sick this weekend because I haven’t stopped since Monday, and lonely because I happened to come home just before the weekend that Joe went away to Huntsville to play in the National Pond Hockey Championships as a member of Hamel’s Hammers.


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