I had forgotten my great desire to know everything. Lately, with all this time on my hands, I have had a yearning to sit with a newspaper in front on me and flip through the pages, taking the world in. I want to read magazines and listen to the news and understand what’s happening and why things are important.

I used to know things, and I used to ask questions and try to inform not only myself, but other people. I long for great debates and discussions – and I fear that once I move I will lack the circle of friends that can sit around talking about the world and everything in it.

I accept that there are things I don’t know and things I don’t really understand, I want people around me who challenge my beliefs, question what I say and are aware of things I might not realize. I want my kids to grow up in a house surrounded by smart, accepting grown-ups who discuss and debate without attacking. I want my kids to know that the world is full of people who believe different things and act different ways and that’s okay – that you have a right to your own opinion and you should never try to force that opinion on someone else.

I hope I can raise my kids to be people I like.

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