Every time I watch Neat with Helen Butigieg (hee hee) I develop a great desire to clean and de-clutter. That is exactly why this morning I specifically chose to watch the show. Soon I will be on my way West and I can’t leave a house full of clutter with the hubby – and I don’t want it all moving with us either. Now is the time to clean up and pare down and I’m in just the mood to get things rolling.

I’ve already cleaned out my closet – though I have to go through it again and really be picky. I have discovered before that if you’re not willing to move it, there’s no reason to keep it. We now have four garbage bags full of stuff to go to charity, and a list of furniture that will be going as well. We have stuff that we can give away, stuff that can be sold to help with moving costs, stuff that we might as well keep because replacing them would be more expensive than moving them, and the stuff that we don’t want to part with. All of it fills our house here in Ottawa, and is too much to fill a truck or trailer.

Once again fate is leaning my way – I chose this time in my life to really take a look at what I have and what I don’t and what I need and what I don’t and really redefine the things I consider valuable and important. This is the time in my life when I make real changes. I have time, I have reason.

My poor, poor puppy and husband – they are going to be so confused for the next little while.

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